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Cost of scuba diving in Andaman

Scuba diving in Andaman starts at INR 7000 for non-certified amateurs, and the rates go up as they are more personal. A dive with professional help lasts 30 minutes, while the island presents its cost to Ross, North Bay, Havelock, and so on. A honeymoon-friendly trip to a pair of Andaman costs around INR 10,000. Diving certificates are in lakes, mines, and oceans.

4 to 5 successful open dives are required to achieve certification, and the cost estimate is between INR 16.000 – INR 25,000. For those who want to get your scuba diving gear, you will pay more than INR 69,000, which includes BCD, dive computer, and scuba regulator. Regulator quality ensures safe and unforgettable memories. Other items, watches, dive bags, masks, snorkel, and wings.

Best time for scuba diving in Andaman

January – May presents an ideal scuba jumping scenario. The waters are warm, tides are low, and the marina has beautiful tiny fishes. The temperatures range somewhere in the range of 24°C and 37°C. June – August sees short yet an abrupt deluge and in a perfect world not the best an ideal opportunity for scuba plunging. The atmosphere is sticky with precipitation. During September – November the shore has excellent corals arranged fueled by solid breezes, which isn’t the best time as the breezes cause the oceans to seethe. By and large, the waters are all, and the bunch of seashores adds to the greatness.


Scuba Diving

Night Diving at Lighthouse

Late evening Diving at Lighthouse is known to be perhaps the most exciting encounters in Andaman. Despite the fact that it is known for jumping by PADI/SSI affirmed jumpers, yet it is viewed as ideal for all. Among the different submerged creatures that you can experience, the most widely recognized ones are Humpback Parrot Fish, Lobsters, Lionfish, Octopus, Fusiliers, and then some.

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