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Andaman Tour Package By Ship

You can then book a ticket from Chennai to the Andaman Boat or two other ports such as Kolkata or Vizag. Andaman island trips from Chennai by boat will take about 3-4 days or about 50-70 hours to get to Port Blair. The lowest summer temperature is a pleasant 24 degrees Celsius, with a cool breeze always blowing in from the sea, but can reach a high of 37 degrees Celsius, so avoid midday for exploration. You can get to the Andaman Islands by air or by sea. Chennai and Kolkata are the only two destinations with direct flights to Port Blair.
There are occasional flights from Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi with an intermediate stop in Kolkata. We at Tropical Andamans only have a ticket office for customers booking group packages. We organize the Andaman Islands travel packages from Delhi for groups, honeymooners, family, and friends throughout the year.
Contact us using our contact page and our travel expert will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want an unforgettable Andaman vacation experience, leave it all to us. Our Andaman All-Inclusive Packages will save you time and money by combining flights, hotels, and attractions.
Andaman tourism thrives with travelers who visit the stunningly beautiful islands for unforgettable vacation experiences. Blessed with many white sand beaches, washed-out crystal clear waters, and plenty of sunshine, the Andaman Islands is literally a beach paradise for travelers looking for an Andaman package tour from Kolkata. There are about 20 tourist attractions in the Andaman Islands, as well as many remote beaches and places frequented by locals. Andaman Islands holiday packages give you a myriad of options, from scenic beaches and turquoise waters to active, dormant, and muddy volcanoes, lush green rainforests and mangroves, cell prisons and anthropology museums, to all kinds of water sports, rides, and activities, from pocket stays in luxury hotels and resorts.

Andaman Tour Package By Ship

Andaman tours offer exclusive packages for honeymooners and couples that include serene and secluded pristine beaches, luxury hotels and resorts, Bay of Bengal cruises, candlelit dinners on the beach, and more. Our Andaman Islands tour packages offer unforgettable trips that will allow you to discover the beautiful scenery of Barren Island in your own way, as well as the opportunity to indulge in a variety of exciting and fun adventures such as scuba diving, snorkeling, paragliding, and boating. The best and perhaps one of the most exciting ways to visit the Andaman Islands is to take an Andaman Island cruise.

Exploring the Andaman Islands is an adventure in itself, but traveling to this island on a cruise itinerary takes the excitement to a whole new level. If you are an adventure fanatic or a travel enthusiast who yearns for a new experience every day, then an Andaman Islands cruise is the best you can experience. Andaman Islands tour packages from Chennai by ship are highly recommended if you want to experience something different that not many people could experience while traveling to the Andaman Islands.

The most visited tourist destinations in the Andaman Islands are Port Blair, Honeycomb Prison, Havelock Island, Ladanaga Beach, Calapasa Beach, Ross Island, Neil Island, North Bay, Chidyatap, Vong Dole, Baratang, and Cholipe Islands.

Andaman Tour Package By Ship

The most visited tourist destinations in the Andaman Islands are Port Blair, Honeycomb Prison, Havelock Island, Ladanaga Beach, Calapasa Beach, Ross Island, Neil Island, North Bay, Chidyatap, Vong Dole, Baratang, and Cholipe Islands.

Even if it takes less time to reach the island by air, the Andaman Islands cruise is an experience well worth it. Those who have never traveled by ship before will enjoy the Andaman Islands cruise. Arrange an Andaman Island cruise from various seaports and enjoy a cruise trip and clear seas. Going on a cruise ship is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it is also one of the most picturesque islands in the world.
Island Trip This is a unique opportunity to get to know the Andaman Sea by taking a trip through the islands to idyllic beaches and views that you will remember forever. Port Blair, Mayabunder, and Baratang Island are three such places in the Andaman Islands where you can fully enjoy an exciting bay cruise. Walking in the Andaman Islands will provide you with the perfect natural environment to walk through peaceful forests or beautiful beaches to feel like you’re in nature’s lap for as long as you spend there.

Sail around the best islands and enjoy the natural beauty of the Andaman Islands from Chennai on a boat that is perfect for the job. You can watch the beautiful ocean waters and the whole experience of participating in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour by ship from Chennai is exhilarating. Traveling by plane certainly saves a lot of time, but traveling by ship from Chennai to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is definitely an exciting and unique experience.

Andaman Tour Package by Ship

Scuba diving, boat trip, snorkeling, and Glass boat ride can be done here for an additional fee on the Andaman Islands Package Tour. Enjoy a luxury honeymoon package in the Andaman Islands or a family holiday in the Andaman Islands with special offers and exclusive discounts. Andaman packages are internationally recognized as one of the best honeymoon destinations in Asia. Andaman Islands Honeymoon Packages offer a great experience and a great getaway for couples who want to spend time away from the mainland’s crowded places.

An Andaman vacation is the perfect off-the-ground getaway, full of activities for family and friends, such as adventure and water sports, excursions, and island-wide excursions. The best time to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and book an Andaman Islands tour package is from October to March when the weather is pleasant. In July and September, any time of year, you can choose from Andaman tours from Kolkata.

But if you have less time, choose a flight. There are many options for accommodation in the Andaman Islands, and your Andaman tour will most likely include Andaman family hotels in beautiful locations. You can choose a berth or deck class when traveling in the Andaman Islands to cut costs and still enjoy the sea view and make the most of your days on the ship. Compare and book cheap flights to the Andaman Islands with huge discounts and big savings. Before booking an Andaman Islands cruise, it is best to seek advice and guidance.

If you are non-resident planning to travel from Chennai or want to travel from Chennai to the Andaman Islands by ship, be sure to consider and calculate your time and expenses before arriving in the city.

When planning a trip to the Andaman Islands, you will have to deal with many issues such as choosing the right hotel, arranging transportation to different islands, booking local ferry tickets and excursion tickets. Most people would rather avoid the tedious task of planning and arranging everything for their Andaman Islands trip and opt for a travel agency based in the Andaman Islands. Buying from an agent in Chennai may cost more and wherever you book your package, you will be traveling with a local tour operator as they will be present in the Andaman Islands. We are a seven-year-old company headquartered in Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman Islands. This means we have a good knowledge of the islands and have an excellent local team, unlike many tour groups that are based in mainland India and rely on local suppliers to take care of their guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: How can I get to the Andaman Islands by ship?
It takes approximately 3-4 days to reach Port Blair by sea from Chennai, Kolkata, or Visakhapatnam ports. The main vessels connecting the three ports of Port Blair are MV Nanchowry, MV Nicobar, MV Harshavardhana, MV.
2: How can I buy tickets for the Andaman ship?
Ticketing The Andaman Shipping Authority Ticket Office is located on the second floor of the Indian Shipping Company office in Chennai Port.
3: Do we have a cruise to the Andaman Islands?
These cruises are available with different stays, such as 5 hours, 1 day, or 2 days, depending on the tourists. Andaman Islands cruises are renowned for having plenty of amenities on the cruise itself, such as cafes, good music, air-conditioned cabins, and bars, so you can totally relax and unwind along the way.
4: What is cheaper in Goa or the Andaman Islands?
Traveling to the Andaman Islands is likely to be more expensive than Goa due to airfare.

Both destinations offer a variety of accommodation options that you can choose from to suit your budget.

5: Is food expensive?
You can easily spend Rs 1000 to Rs 1200 per day on really good food and drinks. Let’s say you’re a non-vegetarian and love seafood.
6: How much does a ship trip cost?
When traveling on a ship, the average cost of a trip is approximately US$100 per day for one person traveling in one cabin. It’s getting more and more expensive for a single person to book a double cabin and getting cheaper per person for double occupancy in a double cabin.
7: What is a second-class cabin on a ship?
The second level usually represents a secondary level of service or importance. In particular, this could mean Economy class, in transit.
8: Is it cheaper to travel by ship or flight?
Commercial air travel is much cheaper than commercial sea travel.

In most cases, you can fly from New York to London for less than $1,000, but a cruise can cost two to three times as much.
9: Can I take my car to the Andaman Islands?
The Andaman Islands, although part of India, are nowhere near as developed or well connected as the mainland.
10: What is a bunk on a ship?
Bunk beds are below sea level in a large area, sometimes separated by walls.

They have shared toilets and showers which tend to freeze, overflow, and overflow when traveling, and there seems to be little to no ventilation.
11: Do I need an Andamanese passport?
Indian citizens do not need a passport or permit to visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
12: Is there alcohol in the Andaman Islands?
Yes, alcohol is available in the Andaman Islands. There are various government liquor stores that sell liquor.
13: Do merchant ships have Wi-Fi?
Is there Wi-Fi on the ship? Many courts now have access to the Internet and email.
14: Can I travel on a merchant ship?
Traveling on a merchant ship is entirely possible, and while it’s not considered a luxury cruise, it’s still a great way to travel – even at around $100 a day, it’s worth finding a seat on the ship. Yes, you can still travel to many places around the world by boat.
15: How much is the ship from Chennai to Port Blair?
Cruise costs from Chennai to the Andaman Islands: per luxury cabin on the cruise from Chennai to Port Blair: INR 10240, INR 8490 for 1st class, INR 6750 for second class, INR 2630 per seat for a bed. How do I get from Kolkata to the Andaman Islands by boat?

Three to four flights depart from Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair and back each month. It goes to Visakhapatnam once a month. The journey takes 50 to 60 hours and the ship usually berths in Port Blair for approximately two to four days.

Passengers may carry up to 5 liters of alcoholic beverages as part of their checked baggage, subject to the following conditions: The alcoholic beverage is in retail packaging and properly packaged (to prevent damage/loss). The alcohol content in the drink does not exceed 70%.
16: What can we do in the Andaman Islands at night?
Underwater sea adventure at night.
17: Are alcoholic drinks allowed in Port Blair?
PORT BLAIR: The Andaman and Nicobar Islands decided not to impose a ban by reducing the amount of liquor a person can buy at a time. Similarly, you can only buy one 1000 ml bottle of liquor, four 375 ml bottles, or eight 180 ml bottles.

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