Best Travel Agency for Andaman Tour

Best Travel Agency for Andaman Tour

Ayush Tours and Travels is one of the main travel planners in Andaman, we have served a large number of customers in the course of the most recent 13th year. Being a nearby organization with our central command at Port Blair assists us with serving our clients better. All our staff are inhabitants of the islands and are exceptional to deal with all issues of our visitors effortlessly due to the top to bottom neighborhood information. Ayush Tours and Travels has developed a standing of the best expectations with regards to consumer loyalty throughout the long term and ensures that all our accomplice lodgings and resorts additionally observe similar guidelines with regards to our visitors.

We offer Andaman Tour Packages in a wide range of budgets and requirements. Our packages range from a 3-day quick tour of Andaman to 9 days Andaman package which includes various activities like scuba diving, fishing, and trekking. Our extensive list of hotels in Port Blair and Havelock

Ayush Tours and Travels takes pride in its new fleet of cars that are equipped with a modern sound system and well-maintained interiors. We believe in pampering our guests as they deserve nothing less than the best.

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Havelock Island  – Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach

How to pick a travel planner for your next Andaman trip?

The Andaman Islands is perhaps the most well-known vacationer location in Indium. The archipelago, which comprises in excess of 572 islands, the most well-known islands being Port Blair (the capital of Andaman), Havelock Island, and Neil Island. It is loaded up with blue waters, superbly brilliant fish, dazzling, pristine sea shores, and interesting fauna and verdure. An outing to Andaman is ensured to leave you loose and revived.

To get the best out of your travels, it is important to ensure that you get the best travel agent and package for your needs. A tour package basically refers to the journey undertaken by the travelers which follow a particular pre-planned itinerary. Tour package deals can include sightseeing, accommodation, land transfer, food, and other related aspects to make up for the ultimate Andaman vacation experience. However, choosing the right package for your Andaman vacation is easy, as there are many tour packages and deals available. Here are fundamental tips on how you can pick the best Andaman and Islands visit package with the goal that your outing is tranquil, invigorating, and important.

Havelock Island -New Cruise – Nautika

Best Travel Agency for Andaman Tour
Nautika Cruise

The Andaman Islands enjoy a tropical climate and pleasant weather throughout the year, but with that being said, the islands can experience sudden tropical cyclones during the months of July and August. Peak tourism season in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is during the months of December and January.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a beautiful part of Indian territory. Being a small group of islands on the Bay of Bengal, they are seen as the most attractive places for holiday seekers. This place is one of the seven union territories of the country and existed long before independence. Earlier it was the home ground of many Indians who were sentenced to death or life imprisonment for their devotion to their motherland. Apart from this, it is also the native place of many tribal groups in the country.

You can witness the splendor of beaches, blue tidal ponds, vibrant life, sensational cruises, and amazing wild marine life. This stunning island attracts travelers from different regions of the planet. Individuals have different views about this island and hence, they are constantly excited to investigate the island. Adopted extensively by the travel industry, Andaman and Nicobar Islands have become one of the most preferred destinations for individuals. Among other Indian travel packages available, trips to this island are constantly available. Travel services coordinate and provide packages to different parts of the country, similarly Andaman Festivals arranges packages.

Havelock & Neil Island Cruise – Sea link

Havelock & Neil Island Cruise – Sea link

Our visitors cannot miss out on adventurous water sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, parasailing, etc. Andaman and Nicobar offer beautiful island holidays and beach tours. Each island of Andaman has its own uniqueness and beauty. Here tourists can enjoy beach walk with their family and friends. Traveling and exploring these islands is equivalent to exploring heaven on earth.

Any visit to this island can be fun as it has many wonderful places for its visitors. Natural beauty with diverse flora and fauna, various hotels, and resorts can make your stay comfortable. You are also provided with air tickets and pick up and drop facilities from the airport. Your stay in any of the luxurious hotels with all the facilities can be of three days – four nights. The hotel staff caters to your needs throughout the day and makes you comfortable in every possible way.

Havelock Island – Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach

As you start your day with an amazing view of the rising sun, you slowly feel that the atmosphere is capturing your spirits. A wonderful day full of adventure and fun is waiting for you. Plenty of water sports like scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling enable you to embrace the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. You can catch a glimpse of marine life, multicolored corals, and fish while you enjoy your water sports. Nevertheless, you can ride the wildlife of the area under the close watch of the guards. Your Andaman’ Andaman Holiday Package can also include Cellular Jail, Science Centre, Naval Marine Museum, Cottage Industries Emporium, Anthropological Museum, Forest and Fisheries Museum, Mini Zoo, and Corbyn Cove Beach. Empty your pockets for beautifully crafted handicrafts and souvenirs at the local markets. So, promise a wonderful holiday in Andaman with the special Andaman Holiday Packages offered by the government for your benefit and make it the most memorable trip of the year.Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Tour Package for the Andaman Islands

Do thorough research:

Once you have decided to visit Andaman, the first thing you need to do is to do thorough research about the islands. Visit the official Andaman Tourism website to get reliable and accurate information. You can likewise peruse different internet-based web articles to get a reasonable image of Andaman – including society, transportation, inns, exercises, and places to visit.

Determine what you want to do and have the budget at hand:

The package you choose will be determined by what you want and your budget. You can select a customized Andaman vacation package that specifically matches your particular needs. But if you want to do something different than what regular tours offer, make a list of places in Andaman you want to visit and indulge in activities like cycling, trekking, or watersports. Make sure the package includes the best of Andaman experiences in the itinerary. If it doesn’t, customize it by adding your favorite tours. But remember to set a budget first, and make sure it’s realistic and includes all the essentials, including hotels, airfare, and entry fees. Attempt to make it adaptable in the event that you really want to make a few changes. It is suggested that you book your voyage and ship tickets ahead of time. Plus, the best hotels and resorts often sell out – so it’s worth booking in advance, too. To set aside significantly more cash, look at the Andaman visit package that incorporates operations and transportation and afterward book online for convenience where you can appreciate appealing limits.

Radhanagar Beach – Sunset

The tour package you choose should make the most of your budget without wasting money on things you don’t want. Andaman’s good tour package is one that allows certain aspects to be tailored to your preferences; For example, you can opt for budget-friendly or luxurious accommodations. Also, ask if the cost of food is included in the package. Make sure the tour operator provides all the services you need, such as hotel booking or car rental assistance, at no extra charge.

Check out the company’s experience and reputation:

 Before you make any responsibility, you want to painstakingly break down the different Andaman visit packages accessible. Look for reputed, trusted, and reliable tour operators and travel agents and compare their packages in terms of prices, accommodation options, activities, places you visit, etc. The package should be within your budget and fully meet your specific needs and desires. Ask the company to give you a description of the total cost so you know where and what you’re paying for. As much as possible, your package should be reasonably priced and provide value for your money. A reliable tour package company will also tell you the best time to visit Andaman.

Prior to choosing an organization for their package for the Andaman Islands, it is critical to concentrate on the tributes and remarks given by the clients about them. Go online and find reviews about a company’s reputation—but read more of them because there may be some that aren’t genuine. It’s important to note that even smaller companies can have a better reputation than their larger, more expensive competitors. As you are searching for various Andaman event packages on the web, visit the associations’ locales and truly investigate their experience and topics. Also, decide what type of package you need if you are a newly married couple then make sure to choose the Andaman honeymoon package, honeymoon package will cover many romantic destinations which a regular tour package will not. The company you choose must comply with all the required safety standards and must be registered and recognized by the Andaman Government and relevant trade associations.

Look for a well-organized, balanced program:

The packages offered by different companies in Andaman can range from packages that generally leave you to your own devices which are packed with activities.  By and large, the best visit package will be those that are even. That means they also include the schedule of your favorite destinations and the activities you want to participate in. It is advised to avoid packages that run throughout the day without any break. On the other hand, you don’t want a schedule that is too slow or where you just sit around without doing much. Also, Andaman’s good tour package allows you to explore the sights of Andaman at a reasonable pace, without moving from one place to another.

Local knowledge is important:

Make sure the company you choose uses experienced local guides who are knowledgeable about Andaman. Preferably, guides ought to know about neighborhood dialects, travel broadly inside the Andaman, and be outfitted with life-saving abilities.

If you can travel in a group:

If you’re traveling in a large group of 20 people, you’ll find very attractive package deals and flight rates no matter where you choose to stay and what you prefer. The cost distribution among the group means you can also get discounts of up to forty percent.

Lastly, after choosing your preferred Andaman package, give a call to the travel agent and know more about your trip. Try negotiating and see if you can get discounts and additional benefits. Once you are completely satisfied with your Andaman tour package, buy it and enjoy the vacation you have always dreamed of.

Radhanagar Beach 

Why is it most economical to choose a tour package while traveling to Andaman?

Choosing a tour package is very economical when you are traveling to Andaman due to the following reasons-

Andaman tour package allows you to enjoy a complete experience without the hassle of all the careful research and planning, tour packages are designed by travel agents keeping the traveler in mind and designed in such a way that they offer fewer Covers in most places. amount of time. Thus Andaman tour package helps you cover more places while spending less time. This in turn will let you save some money on your hotel stay as you will spend less time on the islands but still be able to visit all the places you plan to visit.

Most large tour and travel agencies have a large volume and special deals with hotel and cruise ship owners and receive huge commissions due to the competitive nature of the business passing these discounts on to attract customers. We do. This means you can get a better deal than what you would get if you did all the booking yourself.

Tourist attractions in the Andaman Islands are spread over various islands and are connected by ferries and cruises and ships. Making all your travel arrangements without the proper timing of these ferries can be a daunting task as there is limited information online. Hence it is easy to get tour packages where travel agents take care of all your inter-island transportation.

Many of the attractions of the Andaman Islands are located in protected forests or natural reserves, which require visitors to apply and obtain a pass beforehand. These passes are not accessible on the web and must be acquired locally. While you can get the pass yourself after arriving in the Andaman Islands, most people ask for a pass from a travel agent or opt for an Andaman tour package that will include all the necessary passes and permits.

The climate of the Andaman Islands is tropical and the weather often changes very quickly and can ruin your day plans. Travel agents have experience dealing with such situations and usually have alternative attractions that you can visit if your original plan doesn’t work because of the weather.

Can I customize my Andaman tour package as per the requirement?

Yes, the tour packages offered by Ayush Tours and Travels are highly customizable and can be tailored as per your requirements. Guests are informed of all the options they have before finalizing their tour so that they can make an informed decision. This ensures transparency and guests know what to expect when they reach Andaman.

Is Andaman good for a family vacation?

Definitely, Andaman is ideal for family holidays. The island is still developing as a tourist attraction and is relatively less crowded than other places in India. The locals are friendly and only support family-friendly activities. There are also plenty of water sports activities that everyone in the family can enjoy like snorkeling, scuba, etc. Andaman offers a lot of natural spectacles like coral and snorkeling which cannot be found anywhere else which are very popular with kids and families.

Is Andaman good for couples on honeymoon trips?

Andaman is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in India. A large number of tourists visiting the Andaman Islands are couples on their honeymoon. Andaman attracts honeymoon travelers due to its almost untouched beaches and beautiful places. There are many water sports activities available for adventurous couples that will surely give you memories of a lifetime. Resorts in Andaman are comparatively less expensive and offer luxurious romantic beach rooms and candlelit dinners for couples.

Lastly, the security, privacy, romantic location, and cheap beach resorts make the Andaman Islands the preferred destination for honeymoon packages.

Can Ayush Tours and Travels organize an event for me?

Recently Andaman has become a destination for corporate meetings and weddings etc. Ayush Tours and Travels has arranged various corporate events for many multinational companies over the years. These corporate meetings are organized as per the wishes of the clients with activities, food, and drinks as per their budget.

Ayush Tours and Travels has worked with various wedding planners across India and arranged destination weddings in Havelock.

If you want us to host your next event in the Andaman Islands, look no further than Ayush Tours and Travels. For Corporate or Wedding inquiries you can send a mail to

Havelock Island New Cruise – Aashi Cruise

Are there any special discounts for groups booking tours?

Yes, the overall cost of your Andaman tour package comes down significantly if you travel as a group. We have 17-26 seater AC vehicles in our fleet, which means you all can travel together. On group bookings, we can negotiate with the hotel and get the best rates and offer you discounts.

To give you an idea a group of 15 people will pay 10%-15% less per person than couples or small families.

How many days package is best for visiting Andaman?

Generally, the most preferred package tour of Andaman is for 5 days, and for good reason.

The 5-day package gives you enough time to visit most of the famous attractions without haste. The 5-day package gives enough time for an overnight stay and a day trip to Havelock and Neil Island while returning from Havelock Island to Port Blair. It also gives you the option to indulge in water sports activities like scuba and sea walks.

The 4-day package is preferred by those who are short of time and want to visit the major attractions quickly without wasting time. While most of the major attractions can be covered in a package of 4 days, there is not enough time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the islands to the fullest. To include water sports in a 4-day tour package, you may have to compromise at some places. 4 days package is less expensive due to the shorter stay and can cover most of the tourist places but we feel from experience that once guests arrive they feel that they can run from one place to another without much comfort can.

The 3 days package is the minimum duration of the Andaman tour package, it is chosen by the people keeping in mind the very tight schedule and few activities. Andaman 3-day trip is mostly chosen by individuals who have already visited Andaman and are coming back for a specific activity whether they enjoy scuba diving or relax at a resort in Havelock, Without more sightseeing.

Packages of 6 days and above are for the avid travelers who love to explore a destination to the fullest and are interested in visiting remote islands with untouched natural beauty. The 6-7 day package is for those who want to explore Andaman and its beauty to the fullest while enjoying a relaxing excursion

Which is the best season to visit the Andaman Islands

The best season to visit the Andaman Islands is from September to March as the climate is pleasant during this time and the water is clear which is ideal for coral viewing and scuba diving. November to February is the peak season in Andaman due to holidays and wedding season {honeymon travelers}. Hotel rates go up significantly in December and January, especially during Christmas and New Year, with some hotels charging a peak season surcharge during this time. March to August is the peak season due to tropical rains and cyclones during June and July. Budget-conscious travelers who enjoy the monsoon season can visit during the off-season as hotel rates are very discounted and most activities and venues are available throughout the year.

Lastly, if you want to enjoy 100% of your trip to Andaman during the season and avoid overpaying, make sure to book your flight tickets and tour packages in advance (at least 3 months).

How do I reach Andaman Islands?

Andaman is well connected by air and air to all the major cities of the Indian mainland. It takes around 0230 minutes to reach Andaman from Chennai and Calcutta by air and about 4 days by plane.

Direct flights operate daily from cities such as Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore and other cities are connected to the islands via connecting flights from Chennai or Kolkata. There are at least 15 to 20 flights daily at Port Blair airport operated by various Indian airlines.

The shipping service is operated by the Andaman and Nicobar Administration and connects Port Blair with Chennai, Kolkata, and Vizag. Ships schedules are announced in local newspapers and tickets have to be obtained from government counters. Although the ship is relatively cheap, it is not recommended as it can cause great inconvenience and seasickness to first-time passengers.

Flight rates to Port Blair can vary between Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 per person depending on the time of your booking and the city of your origin. Booking flights in advance can save you a lot of money as airlines regularly run promotional offers for booking in advance.

Those who have been to Andaman say that it is heaven on earth. Miles away from the pollution and noise of cities, Andaman is a place where you can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Ayush Tours and Travels, one of the most renowned travel agencies in the region, has been helping thousands of enthusiastic travelers enjoy their stay on the islands for the past four years. If you are tired of traffic, busy schedule and daily stress, take a deep breath and keep reading.

The Andaman Islands are an archipelago of over 572 islands… However, only a few of them are accessible to the common people. They are located on the Bay of Bengal, separated from the mainland by the pristine blue sea. The unique location and nurturing climate have made it possible for the wildlife and flora to flourish naturally on the islands.

Many of these islands, which are not inhabited by urban people, have evergreen vegetation, freshwater springs and rivers, and virgin beaches. Many tourist-friendly places have a similar quality, partly because of the climate and partly because of the touch of nature that is still prominent on the islands.

Your journey to the depths of the archipelago will start from Port Blair. No matter which island you want to stay or visit, you have to start your vacation from Port Blair. It is the only island in the Andaman region to have a national airport. Many national cruises, ships, and boats also dock at various ferries and ports along the shoreline. To find tickets or book excellent accommodation at short notice, call Ayush Tours and Travels.

Something for everyone

Andaman is home to an amalgamation of innumerable sights and experiences. From action-loving travelers and honeymooners to family vacations and corporate parties, everyone can find at least one activity that they will love in the Andaman Islands. From Port Blair to Barren Island this archipelago is concealing mind-blowing and remarkable encounters that you really want to investigate. All you need is the right guide who can tell you which way to g what are you waiting for? Call Ayush Tours and Travels and get an idea of the following activities.

Why is Andaman best

Be its pristine beaches with white sand and crystal-clear waters, you will undoubtedly thank yourself for choosing this incredible destination for your long-awaited vacation. Regardless of whether you are arranging a performance trip, family excursion, occasion, or vacation with your companions, Andaman has something for everybody.

How much does it cost for Andaman trip?

How much will it cost to travel to Andaman? If less people travel in your family, the cost will be more or if more people travel than your family then it will cost less. If you want to travel expenses according to the couple, then according to this, the cost of 4 nights 5 days travel will be around 38000.00 rupees per a couple of 3-star hotel. 5 nights 6 days travel cost approx 49000.00 per couple. If traveling for 6 nights 7 days it can be around 59000.00 rupees per couple. Thus the cost of travel can be reduced, If suppose you have 4 people in your family then your travel expenses will be less. Then the cost of travel can be like this, the cost of 4 nights and 5 days can be 12000.00 to 13000.00 per person. If you would like to know more about the tour, click on this link.

Best travel agency in Andaman

Ayush Tours and Travels is the best travel agency in Andaman. Because till date no black mark has been imposed on this company and their services are very good. Therefore, if you want to visit Andaman, then book your Andaman trip with Ayush Tours and Travels. If you want to check the review of Ayush Tours and Travels then click on this link.

Travel agency in Port Blair

Ayush Tours and Travels is the leading travel agency in Port Blair with almost 13th  Years of experience in conducting tours in Bort Blair. Ayush Tours and Travels is the local travel agency in Port Blair, We work as Travel Agent in Andaman, Our company also provides service in Andaman and All India. We understand that Andaman is known for providing the best services in tourism. Our company also deals in Flight Ticketing and Cruise Ticketing, We Provide Best Tour Packages in Andaman & All India, We have many tour packages of Andaman like Andaman honeymoon tour packages, Andaman family tour packages, Andaman Group tour packages, Andaman students tour packages, etc

Best travel agent in Andaman

Ayush Tours and Travels is the best travel agent in Andaman in the Andaman and Nicobar islands with almost 13th  Years of experience in conducting tours in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Andaman tour operators in Port Blair

Ayush Tours and Travels is the leading tour operator in Port Blair with almost 13th  Years of experience in conducting tours in Port Blair. Ayush Tours and Travels is the local travel agency of Port Blair, We work as Andaman tour operators, Our Company also provides service in Port Blair.

How much does scuba certification cost?

How much does scuba certification cost? The expense of getting scuba ensured will fluctuate per area and by country, yet, you ought to hope to pay anything between Rs 25900 and Rs 37000 for every individual to be scuba affirmed. This cost ought to incorporate all course materials and rental scuba gear

How can I plan a trip to Port Blair?

You could take a trip to Port Blair from the vast majority of the enormous air terminals in India or arrive at Chennai and take a departure from that point.

How can I travel from Kolkata to Port Blair?

The most effective way to venture out to Port Blair from Kolkata is by flight. Many flight choices on numerous carriers are accessible between the two air terminals.

Things To Do Andaman

(I). Snorkeling

It is ideal for thrill-seeking rookies. Snorkeling is a relaxing experience for people of all ages. Radhanagar Beach, Red Skin Island, Neil Island, Elephant Beach, and Jolly Boy Island offer clear waters for leisurely underwater exploration.

(ii). Sea Walk

Chances are you haven’t heard of it before, and your friends haven’t tried it either. This is one of the latest activities which is skyrocketing in popularity. Enjoy a submerged walk on the ocean floor amidst schools of fish, colorful anemones, and vibrant corals.

(iii). Scuba Diving

No adventure sports lover can ignore the allure of scuba diving in the crystal clear blue waters off the coast of Port Blair. The marine world is for the most part immaculate by human exercises, and you can investigate a dynamic universe of fish, coral, anemones, and foliage. The most popular places for scuba diving include Neil Island and Havelock Island.

(iv). Kayaking

Mangrove Kayaking is a serene experience that gives you a chance to explore the backwaters of Mayabunder. Exploring one-fifth of India’s mangrove forests will take you about 2.5 hours. Cross the lush greenery, enjoy the songs of familiar birds and spend time with your loved ones in the lap of nature.

(v). Barren Island

The island may be uninhabited by people, but it is one of the oldest surviving volcanoes in the world. Sailing to the barren islands is undoubtedly an experience you will not want to miss!

(vi). Dip toes in history

The Cellular Jail of Port Blair is a popular tourist destination. It once housed freedom fighters who rebelled against British rule. It also hosts light and sound shows every evening which is ideal for young adults and children.

(vii). Glass Bottom Boat Tour

The clear waters of Havelock Island’s Dolphin Beach provide the perfect place to watch maritime affairs from a boat. An unobstructed view of the ocean world is visible from under the glass of the boat.

(viii). Pay your respects

The Murugan Temple in Port Blair is the central center of the city. Though not crowded all the time, it offers a unique insight into South Indian architecture and culture.

(ix). Go back to the 1880s

The Chatham Saw Mill on Chatham Island was established in 1883. Right now, it’s long and almost constant against the tide of time. Although non-operational, it offers a great look at the history of lumber and sawmill production in India some 150 years ago.

(x). Island Hopping

Traveling from island to island takes time, and if you don’t have a planned action plan, you’ll never be able to cover all 36 islands. Each island is unique. Port Blair is home to the remains of pioneer correctional settlements, and Havelock Island is an asylum for sports and exercises. Call Ayush Tours and Travels to know about all the 36 islands and how to include them in your Andaman tour package.

(xi). Explore the Howrah Bridge of Neil Island

This is not the Howrah Bridge on the Ganges. It is a natural formation that hugs the coast of Neil Island in a carefree yet prominent fashion. It is best to visit the site during low tide as it provides easy access to the inside of the bridge. You can catch a glimpse of washed coral, many sea cucumbers, starfish, and colorful schools of fish in the shallows.

(xii). Parasailing

This is one of the most adrenaline-pumping adventures that you can try here. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Andaman offers experienced parasailing guides, proper safety equipment, and a golden opportunity to test your flying skills.

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