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What is the best time to visit Andaman & Nicobar Islands in 2022

The best ideal opportunity to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands is considered among October and May as the climate is charming, simply ideal for touring, water sports, and seashore trips. Storms (July to September) are not generally suggested in view of the high tsunamis, unremitting downpours, and solid breezes.

Best Season to visit Andaman and Nicobar 

Andaman being an island appreciates heat and humidity. The best thing about Andaman is that it is an all-year objective, where changes in temperatures are insignificant and stay wonderful all through. The best ideal opportunity to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands is considered among October and May as the climate is lovely, simply ideal for touring, water sports, and seashore trips. Storms (July to September) are not generally suggested in light of the high tsunamis, unremitting downpours, and solid breezes. From July to September, that there are high tsunamis.

You can separate the seasons in Andaman into two-Summer and Monsoon. Being a tropical island, Andaman doesn’t observe the colder time of year season. On the off chance that you’ve been to Vishakhapatnam or Bengaluru, you can relate to the sort of atmosphere pervasive in the islands. It’s lovely, somewhat muggy, and offers a great ocean breeze for vacationers to simply relax, sinking into the huge scope of the sea. During summers, the reasonable blue sky and the turquoise water reflect tints of blue, differentiated by the white sands. This makes for a beautiful location for couples on their wedding trip as well as for families who have old individuals in their gatherings too. The spot isn’t too damp with sweat or hot and is amazing to get a drink and lay back on the shacks.

Andaman and Nicobar in Summer (April-June)

Summer is viewed as the best and ideal opportunity to visit Andaman. With totally zero precipitation, the climate conditions are ideal for plunges, touring, or simply a casual day in your retreat. The season begins in the long stretch of January and keeps going till late April. Being an excursion for most schools and universities in India, this is the time vacationers rush the island for holidays. This is additionally the time watersports are open for Andaman sightseers. You can likewise look at more ways on How to Reach Andaman and Nicobar 


During summer, the mean temperature ranges between at least 25 degrees Celsius to 32 degrees Celsius. With normal relative dampness of 80%, this is the famous opportunity to visit Andaman and scratch off the entirety of your seashore objectives from your movement can list.


The climate is incredible, quiet during this time, and in the long stretch of October permitting you to participate in watersports like fly skiing, parasailing, scuba jumping, swimming, and then some.

Why You Should Visit Now

You should visit Andaman during the summers to observe this immaculate objective in the entirety of its magnificence. In case you’re a seashore individual, you’ll love the climate, the group, and the climate that gets set up normally during the summers. Andaman during summers is that one picture you see on web journals and magazines that have boats secured on white sandy shores of clear turquoise waters; it’s that picture of loungers confronting the Bay of Bengal attached to coconut trees and it’s that picture of an endlessness pool with a glass of Riesling neglecting the boundless of the sea. Envision that!

You ought to likewise visit Andaman currently to observe the happy soul of the island through its celebrations and occasions like the Island Tourism celebration, which is a fourteen-day celebration about the way of life and conventions of the area, the SubashMela, an occasion to remember the introduction of Subash Chandra Bose and something known as the Block Mela, an occasion coordinated to catch the quintessence of the way of life of local people and their varieties in culture.

Know Before Your Visit

As referenced, the climate in Andaman is quiet right now and you don’t need to allow your distrustfulness to outwit you. Simply gather your sacks and become mixed up in this heaven. This is the best and ideal opportunity to visit Andaman and be there!


Being bright, convey light materials and flip-flops. Keep all your hefty clothes at home and travel with as little luggage as possible with a thing or two. Convey shades, sunscreens, caps, antiperspirants, and consistently convey satisfactory water to keep yourself hydrated. You will in general get dried out soon in heat and humidities. 

Andaman and Nicobar in Monsoon (July – September) 

The storm is the second of the two seasons Andaman encounters. In the event that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, Andaman gets precipitation from the rainstorm twice. Truly, it gets precipitation from both the upper east storm and the southwest rainstorm. While the upper east rainstorm endures from November to January, the southwest storm keeps going from May to September. On the off chance that you didn’t have the foggiest idea, the southwest storm happens first in the Andaman and afterward arrives at the territory of India. 


During this time, you can see the temperatures going up or down between 22 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius, making it useful for both citrus-based beverages and a cup of hot cocoa. 


Andaman during the storms is relatively somewhat dull. On account of the hurricanes and unpleasant precipitation that keeps going to a normal of 180 days per year, there is diminished convergence of vacationers. Voyagers who are sincerely looking for some one-of-a-kind encounters and need to loosen up from their daily practice and unremarkable city life visit Andaman for rejuvenation and self-investigation. The hours of isolation in hotels and seashores with a book in hand are convincing for a ton of voyagers out there to arrive at Andaman. 

Why You Should Visit Now 

For a couple of brilliant snapshots of quietness, isolation, and joy! Whether or not you are voyaging solo or with a gathering of companions, the vibe during this time in Andaman will look for a superior you and get you into thoughtfulness. An ideal chance to develop in no place. 

Know Before Your Visit

As this is certainly not a well-known traveler season, water sports may not be accessible. It is during this time that there are immense flowing ways and unusually savage breezes. Inns give out their rooms at discounted costs to draw in more sightseers. Notwithstanding, it’s likewise the time ship tasks are disturbed often by the unpleasant waves so remember that. In the event that you had envisioned the visuals we proposed, presently do likewise with dull floating mists rather than blue and the eminence you will concoct will be your Andaman during the storm.


In spite of the fact that not unsafe to wander out to Andaman right now, you might not have the ideal excursion in the event that you accompany a touristy brain. On the off chance that you are into voyaging crude and experience individuals, culture, and way of life in their most perfect structure, this is the best an ideal opportunity to visit Andaman. Convey windcheaters, overcoats, umbrellas, mosquito repellants, power banks, light, and enough laughs during the rainstorm. In the event that you can’t go out for food, you can presumably fill your stomach with sustenance bars until the downpours stop. Try not to get costly cameras and contraptions this season.

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