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Taj Exotica Resort & Spa in Havelock Island-Andaman

With its strong environmental certifications, the Andaman Islands’ initial five-star resort may well give a format to the travel industry advancement in this delicate Indian archipelago.

Taaj Hotel

No trees—including this marvelous gurjan—were felled in the improvement of the Taj Exotica Resort.

Taaj Hotel

Two days into my turbulent season visit to Havelock Island last June, the atmosphere broke. A steady west wind sent the newsprint-concealed fogs scudding into the incredible past, and I set out with naturalist Jocelyn Panjikaran to research the shoreline that has the initial five-star motel in Quite some time’s inaccessible the Andaman Islands. Abusing low tide, we picked our way among the coral and rock, spotting kingfishers and hermit crabs as we examined the amazing grouping of sea life that visits the retreat’s beginning and end aside from private straight, as of now too overcast to even think about evening consider swimming on account of the breeze and storm.”You see a lot of pillars. Sea turtles home right on this beach. As of late, I was bouncing without assistance from any other individual and they were encompassing me I couldn’t believe it was genuinely happening – using what I would later she was one of her

The bending covered tops of the hotel’s estates follow the hovels of the islands’ native Jarawa individuals.


Jocelyn’s affection for the Andamans—which, alongside the Nicobar chain toward the south, contain one of India’s seven governmentally administered association regions—is irresistible. A previous monetary examiner from Pune, she initially came here on vacation six years back and never left. Stricken by the islands, Jocelyn accepted a position with a not-for-profit called the Andaman Nicobar Environment Team in Port Blair, the regional capital, where she worked until she endorsed as an associate manageability chief at the Taj inn gathering’s Havelock Island resort, which appeared last February.

The route to the beach of Taj Exotica

Taaj Hotel

It was an extreme move. Yet, the Indian government has much more emotional designs for this confined chain of 500 or more islands in the Bay of Bengal. With regards to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s affection for vainglorious plans, New Delhi uncovered a US$1.4 billion arrangement in 2015 to change Port Blair into a center point for business dispatching. An administration think tank called the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog) reported presently a proposition for the “comprehensive turn of events” of four different islands with “eco-accommodating retreats, scuba-plunging focuses, and so on” And this previous August, the Restricted Area Permits needed by outsiders to visit a large part of the archipelago were altogether downsized, with unlimited access allowed to 29 islands in the Andamans and Nicobar, including Havelock—the center point of the nearby the travel industry—and the four principal islands of North Andaman, Middle Andaman, South Andaman, and Little Andaman.

Not every person is content with this heading. The aimless improvement of the travel industry in spots like Shimla and Goa doesn’t move a lot of trust in the public authority’s “all-encompassing” vision. The stakes are apparently higher in the Andamans, where delicate environments are coordinated by the similarly dubious presence of native ancestral individuals called the Jarawa, who until twenty years prior had practically no contact with the rest of the world. The neighborhood organization’s disappointment a couple of years back to regard a court request restricting the travel industry exercises along a street that slices through a Jarawa woods hold on South Andaman Island has done little to impart certainty. In spite of significant shock at the “human safaris” coordinated by certain visit administrators, any worry over the misuse of the Jarawa appears to have taken a rearward sitting arrangement to business interests.

Then again, numerous local people are idealistic about the passage of the Taj gathering. I took in this from writer Pankaj Sekhsaria, a preservationist who has been expounding on the islands for over 20 years. Indeed’ even individuals who don’t straightforwardly profit are extremely amped up for it,” he advised me. “It’s a matter of esteem for them. At long last, we are on the guide.

A seating area at the resort’s poolside Turtle House restaurant.

Taaj Hotel

I‘d go to the new Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Andamans, to perceive how far the extravagance brand could go in spearheading a genuine obligation to eco-accommodating practices—and whether showing others how it did would be sufficient to keep the most noticeably terrible overabundances of improvement under control. 

Set several hundred meters back from the elevated tide blemish on Havelock’s Radhanagar Beach—an unblemished portion of white sand that Time magazine once called the best seashore in Asia—the Taj Exotica wears its obligation to the climate on its sleeve, so to speak. Holding fast to decides that was forced when the Andaman and Nicobar lumber industry was closed somewhere near India’s Supreme Court in 2001, the planners planned the principle stop and 72 extravagance estates (of which 54 have been finished) to be worked without hacking down a solitary tree. Therefore, transcending stands of ocean mohua, gurjan, and padauk structure a thick overhang over the primary piece of the property. The foliage is thick to such an extent that I had the option to stroll from my manor to the poolside café without agonizing over the storm shower. 

Saving the trees was testing, clarifies head supervisor Abinash Kumar, who regulated the development of the hotel. Architects needed to consider the dirt and root designs before plans for the lodging could be drawn up. At that point, each stick of wood and sack of cement and all the other things used to construct it must be sent from the terrain to Port Blair, at that point offloaded onto more modest boats to be moved to the shallower waters of Havelock. However, limiting the effect of the undertaking—and planting trees back on the territory to counterbalance the utilization of imported lumber—was just the start.

Examples left by sand crabs on Radhanagar Beach at low tide. 

Taaj Hotel

The greatest, or if nothing else the most self-evident, natural issue for the islands is waste removal, so the Taj has set out on a merciless mission to dispense with plastics. There’s a glass-packaging plant for cleansed water and refillable allocators for the Ayurveda-based Forest Essentials toiletries found in the estate restrooms, also bamboo drinking straws, wooden toothbrushes, etc. A biogas office produces power and fertilizer from wet trash, while a sunlight-based force plant is underway to additionally lessen the inn’s reliance on diesel-filled generators, which give all the power on the island. Turning eight-man groups go through three hours cleaning the seashore each substitute day, in some cases gathering as much as 300 kilograms of waste. They incorporate everyone from the housekeeping staff to the senior supervisor, which itself conveys a significant message in a general public where tidying up is over and over again saw as belittling work.

A completely flawless stretch of Radhanagar Beach.

Maybe above all, given that “eco-accommodating” can frequently be minimal in excess of a showcasing trademark, the Taj bunch has acquired Brisbane-based ecological confirmation firm EarthCheck to assess and check its practices. 

“Taj is the principal extravagance brand to go to the island, so we are taking a gander at benchmarking ecotourism for every other person,” Jocelyn clarified. 

That is indispensable now like never before. Strolling along Radhanagar Beach, I wondered about how pristine it remains. On the 12-kilometer stretch from the Taj’s swimming bay to a mangrove woods possessed by saltwater crocodiles, there is just a single another hotel, Barefoot at Havelock, a little, natural activity that is likewise settled among transcending trees. In excess of a third the size of Thailand’s Koh Samui, Havelock right now has just around 25 retreats, the greater part of them—with the striking exemption of Jakarta, a circumspect seven-room estate lodging encompassed by lavish tropical jungle—basic bungalows and shacks unstable along the island’s upper east shore, where the ship from Port Blair lands. 

Different islands scheduled for advancement are much more perfect: nine-tenths of the Andamans’ 6,400-odd square kilometers of land is ensured backwoods, while 1,600 square kilometers is saved for native clans. The archipelago brags one the most awesome and broad reefs on the planet, and the islands themselves are biodiversity problem areas, with many blossoming plants, earthbound creatures, and marine species that solitary exists here. This is in a real sense the Lost World.” 

Change is coming, be that as it may, and what structure it will take isn’t totally clear. 

While the Nicobar Islands filled in as an intestinal sickness invaded the Danish state for a hundred years before British India took them over, the Andamans in the nineteenth century were most popular as a corrective settlement for political nonconformists, especially after the Indian Mutiny of 1857. (Port Blair’s scandalous Cellular Jail was a later creation, implicit 1906 to assistant another age of Indian patriots). Their unpleasant history aside, the islands’ populace has been developing consistently since 1951, when the recently autonomous India set out to guarantee the Andamans by settling first Karen travelers from Burma, at that point, Bengali displaced people based on what was once East Pakistan, and afterward workers from the northern Indian territory of Bihar.

Local lobster at The settlers restaurant.

“There has been a growing influx of tourists, but mostly from [Indian online travel companies] MakeMyTrip and Cleartrip,” said Sumer Verma, the CEO of Lacadives, India’s oldest scuba-diving company (It was first established in the Lakshadweep Islands in 1995, but is located 30 minutes from Port Blair from Chidiatapu village on South Andaman Island.). “What’s been lacking over the last five years have been quality operators coming in to set up, so we are positive about getting some high-end infrastructure [from the Taj group].”

Featuring beautiful sloping reefs and stunning coral gardens alongside shipwrecks and seagrass beds inhabited by sea turtles and dugong, the sea here is thick with manta rays and moray eels, As well as schools of snapper and barracuda and countless other fish. But like island-hopping cruises, you can take to places like the limestone caves of Baratang or the barren islands – home to India’s only active volcano – the greatest attraction of these wives is the feeling that the thought of trying something new does. Underwater, this can also be true, as operators are still discovering new dive sites every year.

Poolside at Taj Exotica

Taaj Hotel

Andaman certainly has some elite jumping destinations, due to its isolation, its immaculate woodlands, and its warm, clear tropical waters, making it an energetic place for jumpers. 

Brain you, visitors at the Taj Exotica may be substance to just thrive. I succumbed to my manor the second I looked at its moderate plan, which consolidates the bent rooftop and braces the Jarawa public use for their hovels, yet with stylish current lines. Most mornings I spent lolling in a parlor seat on my deck tuning in to the rainstorm downpour patter on the covered rooftop, with a steaming hot cappuccino and new bread rolls nearby. Inside, the rich chestnut tint of the wooden dividers and roof supplemented a wickedly agreeable canopied bed, while the restroom was bigger than the whole lodging my significant other and I had partaken in London fourteen days sooner. 

Due to the season, it was an inactive outing. However, that didn’t prevent me from exploiting the stunning array of ocean life in the encompassing waters. My suppers at the poolside Turtle House eatery highlighted another neighborhood game fish, beginning with astonishing flame-broiled trevally—here called Kokiri—that gushed out over the edges of my supper plate. The most amazing aspect all, however, was the tasting menu arranged at The Settlers, an imaginative idea café that, I suspect, is bound to turn into the retreat’s most discussed include.

Inside one of the hotel’s extensive estates 

Taaj Hotel

As its name proposes, The Settlers centers around the extraordinary food encouraged in the archipelago by the travelers moved here from Burma, Bengal, Bihar, and Kerala as they embraced nearby fixings — mangrove crab, monster taro, the previously mentioned kukri—into their cooking. The cook, Anal Uniyal, has made Anthony Bourdain–style stays through the islands to accumulate plans and motivation. Also, the outcomes are so astounding I have questions the inn will have the option to adhere to its arrangement to restrict the café to a solitary 10-man gourmet specialist’s table. Starting with a starter of nearby sardines and pumpkin chips presented with three unobtrusive yet complex chutneys (mango, string bean, and taro), my supper arrived at its apotheosis with an inconceivably sweet and rich pepper crab. Spiced with wild coriander, it was produced using a coal-dark mangrove crab the size of a hubcap—a little one, the server educated me conciliatory. 

The following morning the sun was sparkling once more, so I strolled down to the seashore to enjoy a little body surfing—if swimming was out, the least I could do was appreciate the waves. Before I could to such an extent as try things out, one of the neighborhood islanders utilized by the lodging as a “live guide” hauled a parlor seat onto the sand for me and jogged off to get me a container of water.

Fish at the hotel is given an unmistakably nearby flavor 

Taaj Hotel

Inactively grasping a fistful of sand, I considered how it’s difficult to prevent the grains from streaming out between your fingers and felt a fleeting family relationship with the administrators who long to change this spot into India’s response to the Maldives. Defied with such staggering excellence, it was simply normal to need to share it, I thought with a unique cause. In any case, I additionally stressed that acquiring more guests, regardless of how rich or edified, would quickly burglarize these islands of the one thing that makes them more appealing than livelier spots in Indonesia and Thailand. 

Allowing the sand to drop from my clenched hand, I strolled into the surf and praised myself for visiting while the secret remaining parts.

Taj Exotica Resort Rooms Category & Rates

Taaj Hotel 
Rate Description: Rate is inclusive of breakfast at Shoreline, our all-day dining option.
No minimum length of stay required.
Flexible cancellation policy.
For stay over 31st December, the rate is inclusive of Mandatory Gala Dinner Charges.
Additional taxes applicable are extra.
Cancellation policy: Free cancellation by 2 PM-7 days prior to arrival to avoid a penalty of 1-night charge plus any applicable taxes & fees.
147 sq mt   / Up to 4 guests / King1580 sq ft air-conditioned villa on stilts
Taaj Hotel
Rate Description: Rate is inclusive of breakfast at Shoreline, our all-day dining option.
No minimum length of stay required.
Flexible cancellation policy.
For stay over 31st December, the rate is inclusive of Mandatory Gala Dinner Charges.
Additional taxes applicable are extra.Cancellation policy: Free cancellation by 2 PM-7 days prior to arrival to avoid a penalty of 1-night charge plus any applicable taxes & fees.
SIZE   147 sq mtSIGNATURE FEATURE  1580 sq ft air-conditioned villa on stiltsOccupancy Details Up to 4 guests. Max Adults: 3, Max Children: 2


Hotel Policies:-

Registration from 2:00 PM 

Registration till 12:00 PM 

Early registration and late registration on solicitation 

We acknowledge American Express, Master Card, Visa 

Investigate Taj Kids, a children’s program dependent on experience, revelation, questing at the same time remembering fun while learning. Browse an entire host of free and paid exercises at the lodging during your visit. 

Pets are permitted in the Villas as it were. Charges apply. Kindly contact lodging for additional subtleties.

Involving 46 sections of land on the renowned Radhanagar Beach at Havelock Island, Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Andamans is a sumptuous entryway to an all around the world huge biodiversity hotspot in the Bay of Bengal. 

Bordered by a portion of mangroves ignoring the seashore, the extravagance resort in Andaman is a reverence to the detached Andaman and Nicobar archipelago extending for 700 km from the southern tip of Burma towards the north of Sumatra; a mystical variety of rainforests, public parks, natural life asylums, untainted seashores and old ancestral societies. 

In the wake of showing up on the island, visitors are invited with a customary tune by our young Nicobari associates. Intended to exhibit and support the island’s normal assets, our extravagance seashore resort in Andaman is spotted with 54 present-day extravagance Villas on braces under a shade of Coconut and Palmyra trees; a contemporary asylum worked without removing a solitary tree. 

Visitors can rest over the enormous braces of an Andaman Padauk tree, ruminate by the water lily lake after a sumptuous back rub, or hit the treadmill at the wellness base based on a great Mahua tree that takes off up one level to the Olympic-length endlessness pool. The trendy, 1580 sq. ft. in addition homes in economical manor wood are roused by the homes of the Jarawa clan. 

Wi-fi web at the entryway guarantees availability, while our quiet and instinctive assistance makes a bespoke climate for protection and sentiment intruded on just the sound of kingfishers and emerald pigeons. Taj’s obligation to preserve and manageable extravagance in the archipelago is at the center of the hotel’s faultless offices and administrations. Alongside our own biogas office, water packaging plant, a supply for water reaping, and incomplete sun-based energy, we’ve joined forces with the Pollution Control Board to keep the island plastic-free while building up a plastic assortment community on the territory. From biodegradable straws and paper to fresher apparatuses created in instructional courses with our partners and the islanders, we’re working reliably on diminishing carbon impression on this heaven. 

The seashore resort in Havelock Island offers a bunch of fun exercises for youngsters that connect with them in the marine and earthly environment of the island. From picking mangoes, mud apples, and mulberries at our plentiful plantations to wilderness journeys, seashore picnics, directed scuba jumping, and shell-create exercises at our lively Recreational Center with a lot of post-supper rests on manor decks, there is certainly not a dull second for youthful and inquisitive personalities. 

The island is a perpetual wellspring of pleasure and disclosure. Unwind the privileged insights of the outside and submerged existence with restrictive encounters in Sport Fishing, Night Kayaking in the mangroves, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and Forest Treks.

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