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Makruzz:- Andaman Private Cruise – Traveling To Havelock Island – Neil Island

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India are an ideal travel objective for a wide range of individuals – the ocean sweethearts, the experience darlings, and the nature sweethearts. It is an ideal objective for solo voyagers, honeymooners, couples, companions, and family also. The most well-known vacationer locations in the Andaman Islands are Port Blair, Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep), and Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep). Between islands, travel is subsequently basic for islanders and vacationers. Makruzz assumes a basic part in not simply giving quick between island availability, it does as such in the most agreeable and dependable manner conceivable. As we would like to think, it is the core of Andamans.


Makruzz is one of the most seasoned and most rumored ship organizations in Andamans. The Makruzz 1 began working in 2009 is as yet practical in Andamans alongside the travels of various brands. Throughout the long term, Makruzz Cruises have advanced and are doing incredibly well in moving individuals starting with one island then onto the next with extraordinary solace and administrations.

The Makruzz family has an armada of 3 travels Makruzz 1, Makruzz Gold, and Makruzz Pearl. Every one of the travels gives you an alternate involvement in terms of the insides, administrations, speed, solace, and seating however the primary objective is to give a smooth excursion to its travelers.

Makruzz 1 is the main journey presented by the M.V. Makruzz Company. It is a shut deck voyage with open to seating and great assistance. It is a high-velocity sailboat and is the first of its sort in Andamans.

The seating limit is around 250 seats separated into 3 classes – Economy, Deluxe, and Luxury/Royal. Every class has various encounters to bring to the table the travelers regarding seating space, seats, administrations, and neighborliness. The view improves at each deck and that is one of the significant purposes behind travelers deciding on the higher classifications.

The voyage is completely cooled and the seats are OK with satisfactory legroom space. Guest plan contrasts in every class and a gigantic straightforward glass goes through the whole journey to give the clients perspectives on the ocean.

The voyage has TVs, bathrooms, and an in-board storeroom. A music framework is accessible for diversion purposes. The bathrooms are spotless and agreeable. The washroom is all around loaded with tidbits and drinks.

Makruzz 1 sails from Port Blair-Havelock-Neil-Port Blair. It leaves from Haddo Wharf Jetty. The excursion requires around an hour and a half from Port Blair to the objective on a single-direction trip.

Makruzz has the choice of on the web and advance booking of ship tickets however the solitary downside is that it doesn’t permit you to pick the seats according to your inclination. It follows the early bird gets the worm premise of seating and dispenses seats as per the booking designs.

We prescribe you to pick Makruzz 1 for at any rate one outing to encounter riding on the primary ever private voyage that cruised in Andamans.

Makruzz fueling through the Andaman Sea is a spine for between island transportation inside Andamans


The arrangement of sightseeing websites – The Ayush Tours and Travels will fill in as a one-stop head-out manual for you and give all of you subtleties alongside proposals to guarantee you can design your own excursion.

Our different sites of the arrangement – The Ayush Tours and Travels will assist you with comprehension and plan your outing to the Andaman Islands and give you a smart thought of Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) and Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) with a suggestion on spots to remain and exercises to do


We ended up traveling in M.V. Makruzz and Makruzz Gold during our excursion to Andamans in Nov-Dec 2017. Because of their administration, we got unique admittance to certain regions of the vessel and a chance to converse with a portion of their staff and team. In this article, we will brief you about these rapid vessels. In the later part, we will likewise control you on the most proficient method to book your excursion, the boarding cycle, and what’s in store once ready.

Makruzz has re-imagined between island transport in Andamans

A small part of Ferry’s background in Andaman:

Govt Ferry

Till 2009, the solitary methods for between island travel were the Government ships. These are substantial boats shipping travelers starting with one island then onto the next. In any case, the Government ships run at a painfully sluggish speed, conveying under 100 travelers in a solitary run, no development booking is conceivable, and are without any solace and offices for the travelers. It is best not to remark on the neatness of these ships

The public authority ship transport was the solitary between island transport alternative till 2009. Makruzz showing up from a far distance with a government ship in front

In November 2009, MAK Logistics presented one traveler transport for between island travel named M.V. Makruzz and that changed the entire situation of island bouncing in the Andaman Islands. It was the primary private ship administration utilizing in Port Blair – Havelock (Swaraj Dweep)/Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) area. Beginning with one boat, MAK Logistics at present runs three traveler dispatches in particular – M.V. Makruzz, Makruzz Gold, and Coastal Cruise; possessing the initial 2 and renting the third. Both the Makruzz is intended for comfort; offering numerous conveniences to its travelers, the seats can be reserved ahead of time through their online gateway and they run at an exceptionally fast hence saving travel time generally



Makruzz Gold with sparkling brilliant strip lining it out of sight with MV Makruzz in the forefront

About Makruzz

MAK Logistics is the Company that deals with all the issues identified with the boats; directly from reservations to ready and off-board activities to specialized and cooking undertakings. Makruzz ships are conditions of craftsmanship created made of aluminum that gives the most extreme solace to their shipping travelers. Both M.V. Makruzz and Makruzz Gold are twin-frame Catamaran vessels. This means there are 2 structures rather than one and there is an open hole between the 2 bodies as found in the image underneath. This empowers fast, better solidness, and more space.

Fascinating reality – MAK Logistics is co-possessed by three individuals – Mr. Mohammed H. Jadwet, Mr. Ashok, and Mr. Kundu – thus the name MAK Logistics. The name ‘Makruzz’ not just figures out how to get their organization name MAK in the beginning, yet ‘Maqrooz’ in Urdu likewise signifies ‘Obligated’.

Makruzz ships have white outsides and seem to be like tremendous airplanes. Makruzz Gold is a somewhat greater boat and has a sparkling brilliant strip on its outsides. The Makruzz vessels have two decks – an upper deck and a lower deck, the two of which are shut as the entire vessel is halfway cooled. Enormous straightforward glass windows run all through the whole length of the boat’s upper deck and lower deck offering all the travelers a customized perspective on the scene.

Makruzz Gold

There are three diverse seating classes for its travelers – PremiumDeluxe, and Royal

The Premium seats are situated in the lower deck


The Deluxe seats are situated in the upper deck


The Royal seats are again situated in the upper deck in a little lodge – these seats are greater and more agreeable simply like padded couches and offer more protection. Both M.V. Makruzz and Makruzz Gold had just 8 Royal seats.


Our experience of  traveling  in Makruzz:

We ended up traveling in M.V. Makruzz and M.V. Makruzz Gold during our excursion to Andamans. After a snappy registration measure at the port, as we headed towards the boat, simply the principal look at the Makruzz removed our breaths. It appeared to be a huge white and blue seaplane cruising on the water at rapid. The locally available staff guided us to our seats. The seats, even the top-notch ones, were similar to those on flights. They likewise had life coats under each seat much the same as flights did. The likenesses didn’t end there. As the boat began landing the port, a declaration was made mentioning all travelers to be situated and the TV screens began screening a wellbeing video film alongside installed staff giving a security show. After the wellbeing video, a free vegan snacks box is conveyed to all Royal travelers alongside tea/espresso and a jug of water. Makruzz went one stage past airplane when the TV screens kept engaging the travelers with narratives around Andamans or famous video tunes all through the whole outing.


Intriguing certainty – Slogan of Makruzz ships is something we felt was so consistent with what we encountered – “FLY BY SEA”. Their logo – a dolphin implies magnificence and kind disposition, again something which we felt was valid.

Makruzz Pearl

After the well-being show, travelers are permitted to move around. We thought that it was hard to stroll as we were cruising at around 18 bunches towards our objective and the ocean was somewhat harsh that day. The installed staff was adequately thoughtful to give us some significant hints which made it simpler for us to move around. One should stroll with feet separated permitting the body to be liquid enough so the movement of the ocean gradually gets synchronized with one’s body. The staff was profoundly talented at it as they had the option to convey cups of tea without spilling when we were battling just to stand. Moving around, we were charmed to see numerous conveniences, for example, adequate space, clean restrooms on both upper and lower decks, and a Makruzz bistro on the lower deck which was very much supplied to take into account the eating needs of a wide range of travelers.

Since we had exceptional access, we got the chance to visit – The Bridge. It is like the cockpit of the airplane where the Captain, Chief Officer, and Chief Engineer sit and explore the vessel securely with the assistance of coordinated working frameworks. We discovered that Makruzz vessels fulfill the worldwide guidelines of wellbeing regarding life-saving, putting out fires, navigational, and correspondence frameworks. Keeping up with such exclusive requirements was one of the essential reasons the government permitted a privately owned business to work on rough waters of the Andaman Sea.

Intriguing actuality – M.V. Makruzz Gold turns out to be the most innovatively progressed vessel in the Andaman Sea with highlights, for example, satellite interchanges, infrared radar, and autopilot modes. Charged in Feb 2017, M.V. Makruzz Gold is additionally one of the greatest and quickest traveler ships with a limit of 322 travelers and speeds up to 22 bunches. M.V. Makruzz then again can convey up to 264 travelers.

M.V. Makruzz : Seat Structure 


Inside the Cruise, while bouncing islands, we made some extraordinary memories, and trust us, time just took off. We talked with not many English residents who were visiting Neil islands (Shaheed Dweep) and they disclosed to us that Makruzz vessels were at standard with other such ships they had gone in worldwide. They didn’t expect such solace and administrations particularly the Royal seats of M.V. Makruzz Gold which were pushback with ottoman. The sea was very uneven during one of our outings to Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) causing ocean infection and we could see a few travelers getting truly awkward. The AC and alleviating music did help and the team and locally available staff were consistently on their toes to help such travelers with ocean affliction sacks. Anyway, we wanted to be on an hour-long exciting ride appreciating the all-encompassing perspectives on the emerald ocean.

M.V. Makruzz  Gold: Seat Structure 


Travel through Makruzz – The total cycle

Here is a short guide that will help you through the whole cycle of going through Makruzz.

M.V. Makruzz  Pearl: Seat Structure  

Booking Makruzz:

As timings and charges are liable to change every so often, it is prudent to check them at their site The web-based booking framework on their site shows live accessibility status and allows you to book tickets for any course. Note the contractions you may discover on their site are – Port BlairHavelock (Swaraj Dweep), and Neil Islands (Shaheed Dweep).

Makruzz Routes

Makruzz ships cover the two headings Port Blair-Havelock (Swaraj Dweep)- Neil (Shaheed Dweep)- Port Blair and Port Blair-Neil (Shaheed Dweep)- Havelock (Swaraj Dweep)- Port Blair. Since the principal course is more famous among vacationers, 2 boats – M.V. Makruzz Gold and Coastal Cruise work on this course. M.V. Makruzz Gold presently works double a day, one circle in the first part of the day and one circle at night.

Makruzz Jetty

The Makruzz Cruise sail to and from Phoenix Bay Jetty or Haddo jetty at Port Blair.  There is just a single Jetty at Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) and Neil (Shaheed Dweep) so that is the place where they sail from.

The cycle of shipping in Makruzz

M.V. Makruzz Canteen


Reservations – If your movement dates are arranged, book your tickets online at The online ticket windows open a multi-month ahead of time. You can likewise stroll into the Makruzz office present at all the 3 areas (Port Blair, Havelock Island, and Neil Island) and get your tickets booked subject to accessibility. Whenever you have held tickets, print them and convey your administration ID cards with you when you travel

Security check – This is finished by CISF staff (Police) while entering the Port Blair wharf (for example the Phoenix Bay breakwater). The whole baggage likewise needs to experience the security checks much the same as in air terminals. This isn’t done in Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) and Neil (Shaheed Dweep). At Port Blair, you can board a transport after this to arrive at the breakwater in the event that you would prefer not to walk

Registration – Near the breakwater, all the travelers need to go to Makruzz’s office and register by showing their personal ID cards and printed tickets. The registration closes 15 minutes before takeoff



Baggage hand over – Just like in an airplane, the registration gear must be given over to Makruzz staff. The hand-baggage can be conveyed with oneself

Boarding – The doors open a brief time after the Makruzz shows up at the breakwater or 30 minutes preceding takeoff. The Boarding closes 10 minutes before the flight

Seat Allocation – Though the seats are now designated during reservation, the lodge group individuals help in distinguishing the seats

Appearance – On appearance, the registration gear is given over to you at the breakwater outside the boat

Not many tips for the travelers traveling in Makruzz:

Show up 1 hour preceding your boat’s takeoff as it requires some investment to experience security checks and registration particularly at Port Blair

Remember to convey your substantial personal ID evidence – it is an absolute necessity while checking-in

Ensure you convey a printout of your held tickets. Whenever failed to remember, you can get them printed at the Makruzz office present at the pier for an extra charge of INR 50

Youngsters or babies over 1 year are charged a full ticket. Newborn children under 1 year old enough can travel for nothing out of pocket

The remedy of the name isn’t allowed in the ticket once reserved. So kindly guarantee the right name of every traveler

While giving over your registration baggage, guarantee that you advise the staff regarding your objective point. The boats run from Port Blair to Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) by means of Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) or the alternate route round and to evade your gear getting off-boarded at the discontinuous island, it is fitting to illuminate them direct

Expectation you loved our involvement in Makruzz however much we did and plan to cruise with them during your outing to the Andaman Islands. What’s your opinion about our cruising experience or administrations offered by Makruzz? Have you gone in a sailboat previously or could our article urge you to attempt it? Do tell us in the remark area underneath.

Note: All feelings communicated in this blog are our own and not affected by Makruzz or MAK Logistics in any way.

Mackruzz – Schedule From 11th Jan to 31st Jan’21
PBHL120013301300 + 18% GST + 50 PSF1800 + 18% GST + 50 PSF2600 + 18% GST + 50 PSF
HLNL140015001100 + 18% GST + 50 PSF1450 + 18% GST + 50 PSF2100 + 18% GST + 50 PSF
NLPB153016301200 + 18% GST + 50 PSF1550 + 18% GST + 50 PSF2400 + 18% GST + 50 PSF
HLPB140016301300 + 18% GST + 50 PSF1800 + 18% GST + 50 PSF2600 + 18% GST + 50 PSF
Makruzz – Schedule From 01st Feb to 31st Mar’21
PBHL080009301300 + 18% GST + 50 PSF1800 + 18% GST + 50 PSF2600 + 18% GST + 50 PSF
HLNL100011001100 + 18% GST + 50 PSF1450 + 18% GST + 50 PSF2100 + 18% GST + 50 PSF
NLPB113012301200 + 18% GST + 50 PSF1550 + 18% GST + 50 PSF2400 + 18% GST + 50 PSF
PBHL140015301300 + 18% GST + 50 PSF1800 + 18% GST + 50 PSF2600 + 18% GST + 50 PSF
HLPB160017301300 + 18% GST + 50 PSF1800 + 18% GST + 50 PSF2600 + 18% GST + 50 PSF

Makruzz Contact



* Passengers should carry an original ID proof at the time of check-in at the ferry.

* Reporting time ONE HOUR before the Departure

* Check-in Counter closes 15 minutes before Departure

* Boarding closes 10 minutes before Departure

* Correction of the name isn’t allowed in a ticket once reserved. So kindly guarantee the right name of every traveler.


* Child over 2 years is chargeable

* Rupees 105 for a baby (age 7 days to 1 year)


* Rupees 100/ – extra per ticket from December 01 – January 31.

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