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Andaman Island re-opens to tourists – how to plan during COVID in 2021

At last, the news we’ve been hearing for quite a while is here. When will Andaman Island open to sightseers? What are the spots that can be visited?

What is the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for travelers going to the Andaman Islands? Here we are presenting to you a definite article about arranging your outing to Andaman Islands during COVID in 2020.

All pointers clarified and we will keep this article refreshed for all voyagers who are arranging an outing.

SOP with respect to COVID-19 testing for vacationers coming to Andaman Islands

The vacationers showing up at Port Blair will be tried for COVID-19 at Veer Savarkar air terminal utilizing Rapid Antigen Test (RAT). The outcomes will be given at the air terminal itself. The vacationers will be charged according to rate fixed by Administration. (As of now Rs. 500/ – per individual).

(i).If the vacationer tests negative, he/she can continue for the outing. Whenever discovered positive, he/she should go through Institutional separation till recuperation from COVID-19.

(ii). Then again, the sightseers can pick to convey COVID-19 negative report from terrain based ICMR affirmed lab utilizing Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RTPCR) or True Nat test.

In any case, the example for RTPCR/True Nat test ought to have been taken inside 48 hours of beginning the excursion from the birthplace station. (For example on the off chance that the traveler takes a departure from Delhi at 0600hrs on 1 st November, 2020, the example for RTPCR/True Nat test ought to have been taken not prior to 0600 hrs. on 30 th October, 2020).

The aftereffect of this RTPCR/True Nat test will be affirmed internet utilizing the SRF-ID, following which the vacationer will be excluded from RAT testing at the air terminal, and can continue for the outing.

(iii). On the off chance that the example for RTPCR/True Nat test has been required over 48 hours from beginning of excursion, re-test will be done at Veer Savarkar Airport utilizing RAT test, regardless of whether RTPCR/True Nat test result is negative. The sightseers will be charged according to rate fixed by Administration.

(By and by Rs. 500/ – per individual).

(iv). No institutional or home isolate is needed to be noticed if the traveler has tried negative either through RAT test at Airport or RTPCR/True Nat test at ICMR affirmed lab.

For movement to Shaheed Dweep (Neil Island) and Swaraj Dweep (Havelock)

(v). Those sightseers who are conveying RTPCR/True Nat based COVID negative report as portrayed in para 2 or have been tried negative at Airport utilizing RAT test as depicted in para 1, need not step through the exam once more, for resulting travel to or get back from Shaheed Dweep as well as Swaraj


(vi). Be that as it may, on the off chance that any side effects are created, the vacationer ought to promptly answer to the closest PHC/CHC and from there on essential testing will be done, as exhorted by Doctors.

(vii). It is emphasized that movement to North and Middle Andaman Islands, Nicobar gathering of islands and Little Andaman Island isn’t allowed for the travel industry purposes, till additional requests.

On the off chance that traveller tests Positive for COVID-19 on appearance or during the stay

(viii). On the off chance that the vacationer on landing in air terminal tests positive, he/she should go through institutional segregation according to existing wellbeing conventions. The expense of such seclusion for govt. office will be paid by the traveler as fixed by the organization occasionally. (By and by Rs. 1000/ – for disengagement at ITI Dollygunj COVID Ward).

(iX). On the off chance that the patient needs to remain at inns, he/she can remain in the lodgings assuming ALL

the conditions beneath are met:

a) Patients are not suggestive and not over 60 years of age.

b) Request/undertaking is made by the patient recorded as a hard copy.

c) If permitted by specialists.

(x). Inns will make the vital plan to assign a piece of their spaces for institutional seclusion for this reason.

Until 18 November 2020

Uplifting news on water action is here. The organization has characterized new SOP for all water exercises. According to the rules

Scuba Diving

Ocean Walking

Ocean Kart movement

Parasailing action

Jet Ski movement

Will currently be operational according to the most recent SOP characterized under the oversight of Tourist Safety and Supervisory Team and Dive Safety and Supervisory group. The SOPs characterized ought to be carefully trailed by the two administrators and vacationers.

As of thirteenth November 2020

Rules for Scuba Diving and Sea Walking is as yet anticipated. Travels are dropped until November 30, 2020.

The public authority ship is cruising to various islands, for example, Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island.

Kayaking is presently operational in the Andaman Islands.

We are glad to report that our first visitor has shown up to Andaman Islands and we were effectively ready to take them to Havelock Island on a visit. Here is an image of our client at Radhanagar sea shore.

Will update you all as often as possible as additional updates about the travel industry are with us.

As of fourth November 2020,

Rules for COVID-19 test for visitor showing up in Andaman Islands

(i). The Tourist showing up at Port Blair will be tried for COVID-19 at Veer Savarkar Airport utilizing Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) the outcomes will be given at the air terminal itself. The Tourist will be charged according to rate fixed by Administration ( Presently INR 500/ – per individual ) .

On the off chance that the Tourist test negative , he/she can continue for the outing , whenever discovered positive , he/she will be need to go through institutional disengagement till the recuperation from COVID-19.

(ii). On the other hand, the vacationer can pick to convey COVID-19 negative report from territory India based ICMR endorsed lab utilizing “Switch Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction” (RTPCR) or True Nat Test (TNT) , However the example for RTPCR/TNT ought to have been taken without 48hours of beginning the excursion from cause station,(For for example in the event that the traveler take a departure from Delhi/Mumbai at 0600hrs on first November 2020, the example for RTPCR/TNT test ought to have been taken not before 0600hrs on 30th October 2020.

The consequence of this RTPCR/TNT will be affirmed web based utilizing the SRF-ID, following with the traveler will be absolved from RAT testing at Port Blair Airport and can continue for the excursion.

(iii).If the Tourist on landing in Port Blair Airport tests positive , he/she should go through institutional seclusion according to existing wellbeing conventions, the expense for such disconnection for govt office will be paid by the vacationer as fixed by the organization.

Starting at 29 October 2020

Scuba Diving and Cruises are not operational in the islands. From first November 2020, the Government ship is required to cruise. Additionally, rules for all water sports exercises is been arrangement. We are confident that by November 15, 2020, all SOP ought to be set up and Andaman ought to have returned to the new ordinary. We prescribe individuals to design after November 15, 2020.

You can arrive at Ayush Tours and travels for any outing related question. Drop us a question or email your prerequisites at ayushtoursntravels@gmail.com

Starting at 26 September 2020 

MHA and A&N Administration has planned the way to open Andaman’s for all you travel sweethearts and nature darlings to come and investigate the beyond anyone’s imagination adaptation of the quiet blues and greens of Andaman.

Starting at 26 September 2020, the SOP has been circled to all partners.

The lockdown has given the nature a quality opportunity to restore and prosper to its maximum capacity. The rich green backwoods, the exceptional mangroves, the sea shore sands and the perfectly clear oceans are at its best currently because of no human touch for over a half year now. The grand magnificence of the Emerald and blue Andaman’s, have supported itself and is inviting you to come and have a new beginning to the new typical. While we state this, we don’t miss the way that the infection has not gone and we don’t have a fixed fix to it (the antibody) yet, so it is totally obligatory to follow the security rules to protect ourselves as well as other people.

At the point when you visit Andaman for your get-away, we at Experience Andaman’s, endeavour to keep you safe and at the most extreme cleanliness and away from contact however much as could be expected. Then, you will likewise have your piece of duties to get yourself and the Isles far from the hit of the new Novel Corona virus.

So here we start with the total presentation with the new typical for visiting Andaman’s. Stay with us through the lines while we manage you further.

Flights Operating To Port Blair

Note that presently, relatively few trips to Port Blair are on normal premise. Subsequently check the carrier’s official site while arranging your movement dates.

The underneath flights are working from different urban communities (interfacing/direct) to Port Blair. Right now, it’s a creating period for the opening mission, expect different alters to the guidelines and mandates.

Chennai : Air India, Indigo and Go Air

Bangalore : Indigo and Go Air

Mumbai : Indigo and Go Air

Hyderabad: Air India and Indigo (associating by means of Chennai)

Kolkata : Air India, Indigo, Go Air

Do’s and Dont’s for Air heading out to the Andaman Islands (Veer Savarkar International Airport)

worth doing:

* Have Aarogya Setu application introduced and refreshed on your cell phone.

* Follow the SMS rule-Sanitization, Mask and Social Distancing.

* Keep yourself covered however much as could reasonably be expected.

* Reach the air terminal least 2-3 hours preceding your flight time.

* Make sure your temperature has been ordinary and you have not demonstrated any chilly like indications

Is not: 

* Don’t contact any surface, railings, and so on pointlessly

* Don’t arrange utilized covers, gloves or tissue papers in open. Arrange them in appropriate spots allotted.

* Don’t devour any eatables inside the airplane.

* Water jug will be given in the flights and no ready offer of items will be finished.

Allude Ministry of Home Affairs site for additional subtleties on flight-related SOP. Here are two or three references


Free Rescheduling On All Trips and Hotels – Pay on Arrival Options


At Experience Andamans, we comprehend the need of great importance. All our proposed lodgings and visits will naturally accompany free rescheduling alternatives and you can pay simply a halfway add up to hinder your dates and full installment can be made after appearance in the Andaman Islands. This is one key element that will be useful for all voyagers going to the Andaman Islands. Get in touch with Us for additional subtleties on your visit schedule.

What should we expect while heading out to Andaman’s (during the Unlock cycle)


We all have experienced the difficult stretch that 2020 has taken us through. Towards the finish of this current year, why not gain a few experiences which can decrease (if not destroy) the pressure and tedium of the isolate and lockdown period.

To get this going for you, we raise here, the away from of what you can really expect if Andaman turns out to be on your can rundown of post-lockdown plans.

According to the mandates gave by the Directorate of Tourism, A&N Administration on 26th day of September 2020, we have the accompanying administrations and attractions prepared for your encounters.

The rejuvenated beaches of south Andaman are open now to welcome you Below are the list of attractions opened

Spots in Port Blair that are right now open


* Corbyns Cove Beach

* Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island (Ross Island)

* North Bay Island

* Wandoor

* Chidiatapu

Spots in Havelock Island that are as of now open


* Radhanagar Beach

* Kalapathar Beach

* Elephant Beach

* Vijay Nagar Beach

Places in Neil Island that are right now open

* Bharatpur Beach

* Sitapur Beach

* Laxmanpur Beach

Do’s and Don’ts as per SOP

* The launch of sea shores is allowed distinctly in South Andaman District (aside from Little Andaman).

* The sea shores will stay open between 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM day by day.

* Visitors ought to keep a base distance of 02 meters between each other.

* Use of face cover/veil will be obligatory for all.

* Spiting will be carefully denied on the sea shores.

* Mandatory sterilizing and warm screening will be done at the passageway of the sea shores and just asymptomatic guests will be allowed into the sea shores.

* The guests should self-screen themselves and report about any ailment promptly to the Beach Officers/Life Guards and TSET Members.

* Dispose of face cover/veils/gloves and different extras ought to be done uniquely in the dustbins allocated and set apart for the equivalent.

* The headings of sea shore staff/Lifeguards with respect to swarm the executives at sea shores ought to be obeyed by the guests for a protected excursion.

* Group photography won’t be permitted on the sea shores.

* Tourists/guests ought to try not to pack in the washroom region.

* Tourists/guests over 65 years won’t be permitted on the sea shores.

* Respiratory manners are to be carefully followed. This includes covering mouth and nose while hacking/wheezing with a tissue/cloth/flexed elbow and discarding utilized tissues appropriately after use.

Swimming to Be Operational In Andaman Islands


Do’s and Don’ts Before entering the water:


* Maintain social separating and adhere to the guidance given by the administrator for swimming movement.

* The Guests ought to have a total individual swimming unit with full face veil and just they will be permitted to go through the action.

* Snorkeling hardware ought not be recruited, acquired, loaned or shared even among individuals from a similar family to keep up high cleanliness.

* All visitors should mandatorily wear face covers and hand gloves until entering the water and after leaving the water-body.

* At no time, any visitor should contact the guide’s snorkel hardware neither the guide should interact with the visitor’s gear. All shows will be made through the guide’s own gear.

Rules to be followed while in water


* Demonstration of swimming aptitudes will be finished by the guide in thigh-level water while keeping up social removing standards.

* All visitors should wear a day to day existence coat prior to entering the water. Disinfection ought to be followed when utilizing the existence coat.

* Lifebuoy with rope will be utilized to tow the visitors while swimming.

In the wake of leaving the water


* The wellbeing pinion wheels, for example, Life Jacket and Life-float utilized by the visitors will be washed, dried, and cleaned before the following use.

* The swimming gear utilized for the movement should be kept at ownership consistently to keep away from incidental utilization by others. Flush well, dry and clean your pinion wheels for cleanliness reasons and to avoid any contaminations.

Boat Rides will begin to the open islands


The following are the Do’s and Don’ts for including in the Boat ride exercises dependent on the Standard Operating Procedure delivered by the Administration

* Maintain the social removing standards uncompromisingly.

* Avoid sharing of things like eatables, water bottles, toys and wellbeing gear and so on Continuously wear hand-gloves and face cover.

* Wash the hands oftentimes with cleanser for 20 – 30 seconds regardless of whether it is noticeably not messy.

* Hand sanitizers ought to be utilized when utilization of wellbeing gears/boats.

* Do self-checking of wellbeing and report any disease at the soonest.

* All visitors should compulsorily have Aarogya Setu portable application introduced and utilized often.

* Maintain respiratory cleanliness norms.

Rundown of Museums to open in Port Blair


* Anthropological Museum

* Fisheries Museum

* Naval Samudrika Museum

* Chatham Saw Mill

Do’s-Don’ts and the new Standard Operating Procedure for the Museums :

* Only those historical centers which fall in the non-control zone will be opened for vacationers/guests.

* Hand sanitizers and warm screening offices are made accessible at the passage point for the guests.

* E-tickets might be given for the passageway at the historical centers to annihilate/limit the touch-contact

* The guests will follow social separating standards. The utilization of face cover/veil will be required.

* There will be independent section and leave point inside the historical center, the extent that achievable dependent on the grounds.

* Tourists/guest will adhere as far as possible inside the galleries as dispensed to them to try not to horde of the spot.

* No food and eatables will be permitted inside the historical centers.

* Tourists/guests will not touch dividers, railings or some other things inside the exhibition halls.

* Spiting and smoking are carefully restricted inside the galleries (Actually this ought to be maintained a strategic distance from all over the place)

* Respiratory behaviors to be carefully followed. This includes exacting act of covering one’s mouth and nose while hacking/wheezing with a tissue/cloth/flexed elbow and arranging off utilized tissues appropriately after use.

Cell Jail and the Show will be Operational


There will be a particular number of sightseers/guests permitted in the National Memorial Cellular Jail according to the beneath spaces (the information depends on the SOP delivered by the organization for the open stage which may be created and refreshed every now and then)

Purpose         Time slots      Visitors permitted

The Jail Campus and Museum Visit          6 schedule openings


09:00 – 10:00 am 10:00 – 11:00 am 11:00 – 12:00 early afternoon 01:00 – 02:00 pm 02:00 – 03:00 pm 03:00 – 04:00 pm        Maximum of 50 guests will be permitted in each space

{Not in excess of 300 guests for every day)

Timing of Cellular Jail during COVID


* Entry tickets for the Jail visit just as the Light n Sound Show will be given by e-mode/online just through the E-vacationer site of Andaman Administration. No actual tickets will be given. Just advanced instalments will be allowed.

* The guests ought to carefully follow the assigned courses for section exit and development inside the landmark. As far as possible apportioned ought to likewise be followed.

* Wearing cover is obligatory for all guests. Warm screening and hand sterilizing strategy will be followed at the passage.

* The office has the position to confine admittance to any piece of the landmark. The guests are mentioned to follow the bearings given while entering or being in the landmark premises.

* The safety crews to guarantee that there is no swarming anytime of time inside the landmark.

* Group photography won’t be permitted inside the premises.


* Vehicles won’t be permitted to be left before the dedication. Stopping will be permitted uniquely in assigned territories.

* Registered Guides might be permitted to work inside the gallery. Each guide will take into account limit of four visitors who will keep up social removing during the guided visit.

* No food and eatables will be permitted inside the landmark/premises.

* Spitting and smoking are carefully denied inside the landmark.

* Visitors ought to abstain from congestion at the drinking water site and at the washroom zone.

* Respiratory behaviors to be carefully followed. This includes exacting act of covering one’s mouth and nose while hacking/sniffling with a tissue/cloth/flexed elbow and arranging off utilized tissues appropriately after use.

Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail Will be Operational

The rules to be followed for guests of Light n Sound show stays comparative as referenced above for Cellular Jail visit. The schedule opening assignment is as underneath:

Purpose         Time slots      Visitors permitted

Light n Sound Show at Cellular Jail         2 schedule openings

06:00 – 07:00 pm 08:00 – 09:00 pm Maximum of 100 guests will be permitted in each space

{Not in excess of 200 guests for each day}


Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show Timing and Slots

Light and sound show to be held in Ross Island

Rules beneath before you intend to visit Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island (Ross Island) for Light n Sound show

* There will be just one show opening every day between 06:00 PM to 07:00 PM. (Hindi shows on the entire days aside from Wednesday. On Wednesday there will be English show).

* In request to follow social separating, guests will be permitted simply up to half of the seating limit. Guest plans to be made in like manner.

* Use of face veil will be obligatory for all the individuals visiting the show.

* Visitors should go through compulsory hand cleanliness and warm screening at the passage point. Just asymptomatic individuals will be permitted to board the boat.

* Tourists/guests to carefully hold fast to as far as possible.

* Group photography won’t be permitted during the show.

* Spiting and smoking are carefully precluded at the area.

* Tourists/Visitors ought to try not to pack in the washroom region.

* Respiratory decorums to be carefully followed. This includes covering mouth and nose while hacking/wheezing with a tissue/cloth/flexed elbow and discarding utilized tissues appropriately after use.

Journey and Hotels to Open under explicit rules

Travels and inns to follow explicit SOP in Andaman. We are yet to get an unmistakable rule on inns and travels. When we get an update we will impart it to our perusers.

Taxis and Coaches to be sterilized on a normal span by Experience Andamans

* One of the premier preferences of booking your post-lockdown escape with Experience Andamans is that every one of our vehicles are under Experience Andamans marking and you can have confidence of the quality and zero trade offs on cleanliness and security.

* By the time you land in the Isles, our committed drivers (wearing face veil and gloves) will be prepared at the air terminal for onboarding you to a very much sterilized and profound cleaned vehicles/mentors with straightforward apportioning between the drivers and travelers.

* best of all, we dole out private vehicles for every family/gathering. The vehicles are not shared and thus nobody separated from your family/gathering will go with you in the vehicle/mentor.

* Your baggage handles will be purified in the event that it is being taken care of by the driver during moves.

* Body temperature of our drivers will be checked and recorded before each excursion task.

* The vehicles/mentors will be exceptional with a non-contact thermometer to check the temperature in standard stretches, disinfectants, and sanitizers.

Do not while going to the islands of Doe and Dons:

worth doing

* Make sure that you have a safe and advance booking of your day-wise schedule, your visits and moves (flights, vehicles and travels)

* Wear a face cover, continue to sterilize your hands in ordinary spans and keep a distance of 6-feet from people.

* Maintain social removing In the lines for exercises or during the way toward checking in.

* Call your prompt POC (number will be given prior to beginning of the outing) in the event that you need any assistance or build up a side effects on-visit.

* Give right travel and wellbeing history and reachable contact subtleties to plan you whenever needed if there should arise an occurrence of any way cross which will help contain the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

* If you see yourself or any co-voyager create crown like side effects, at that point illuminate the concerned specialists and disconnect yourself until the crisis help contacts you.

* Do credit only exchange as much s conceivable to dodge share-contact

* Booking with us is completely paperless, but appropriately recorded and reported in delicate duplicates that further the digitization and the proliferation of novel noveids.

do not do

* Do not endeavor out of your lodging without an appropriate face cover.

* Do not touch your face, ears or nose without sterilizing your hands.

* Do not touch open or public surfaces since it very well may be irresistible.

* Do not leave your baggage unattended.

* Do not go for a vague or a not pre-booked outing since all objections and exercises are having restricted spaces and restricted availability.

* Do not frenzy in the event of crisis as we’ll have your back and we will ensure legitimate assistance is accessible on the off chance that you need the equivalent.

* Do not spread bits of gossip or offer wrong/inadequate data this may prompt a danger even to a protected objective.

Being into the business and having addressed our clients from different backgrounds, we can comprehend that it is hard to choose of going out and visiting an objective realizing that the infection has not gone. All that we can recommend you in the present circumstance is that we have begun carrying on with the new ordinary existence with all precautionary measures and mindfulness. Travel will likewise turn out to be essential for this new typical. We need you to hop into your movement shoes and begin investigating all that you have been aching for all through the lockdown days simply keep up the SMS rule (Sanitize-Mask-Social Distancing)

Questions that actually should be replied?

We are yet to get lucidity on submerged exercises, we will post an update when we get notice from the specialists. Islands in North Andaman are yet to open. Furthermore, we are expecting greater lucidity on vacationers who show up in the islands. In the event that a traveler who shows up at Andaman and is discovered COVID positive, what is the SOP for a vacationer is yet to be gotten.

We will update our peruses as often as possible about additional advancement about the Andaman Islands.

So this was it dear voyagers. Since we have quite recently ventured into the main phase of Unlocking Andaman for the travel industry, this is all that we needed you to know. We will without a doubt remain associated and update every one of you as often as possible with the reports on the orders or guidelines delivered by the able specialists.

The kickoff of different sights/areas, or different exercises will be refreshed as and when the equivalent is chosen and delivered by the Administration.

The group of Ayush Tours and Travels  is having enough specialists to deal with your excursions during this pandemic  with no trade off on polished skill and devotion. We need you to investigate the Andaman’s and revive and yet, we esteem your security and concerns.

We love voyaging and we can say that voyaging is the most ideal way out from the fatigue or stress brought about by various components throughout everyday life. Is it true that you are additionally searching for a change from the tedious lockdown and stay at home stage? Do reach us demonstrating your readiness to visit the Andaman Island, allude all our visit bundles, and our group will interface with you with the best arrangements and offers accessible to make your desire materialize.

Up to that point, Stay safe and keep “Travel” at

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